Your feelings might be complicated. Your love for your child isn’t.

Coaching to help everyone in the family rest easy with their child’s transgender journey.

If you’ve found that your child doesn’t relate to their gender the way you expected, and if your feelings are confused, fearful, and unsure, you’re not alone. As parents, we want what’s best for our children, and sometimes our image of “best” doesn’t match the needs of transgender kids. How can you, as a loving parent, be an empowering ally to your trans child while you also grapple with your turbulent emotions?

Hi, I’m Stephanie

I’m here to help you navigate this new terrain.  As a professional coach, as well as a single mom to both a cis child and a transgender child, these questions are dear to my heart. I want every child to blossom and thrive in their authenticity, and I want every parent to be able to raise their kids with confidence. I know how important it is for kids to grow up feeling seen and accepted, and I also understand that parenting is the most complicated job in the world. We’re all human. We all have hopes, fears, and worries. I’m here to help make sure those difficult feelings don’t threaten the secure bond between you and your transgender child. There is a way through your tangled emotions. There is a path toward a stronger, richer relationship with your transgender child, and a way to help them live their most fulfilling, joyful, authentic life.

If you’re seeking a clear path forward in parenting your transgender or non-binary child, let’s forge one together. It all starts with a no cost, no commitment, 20 minute consultation. Book now to chat, learn more, and find a way forward.

Together, let’s make you your child’s most empowering ally.